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Seal your Phrase Plates. Secure them and see when they have been opened. A simple yet powerful product to protect your seed phrase. Get multiple, so you can seal your Phrase Plates after every time they are unlocked.

This product fits perfectly on our Pro Plates.

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The Seal is very strong due to the steel bracket. It is also easy to see whether the Seal is properly placed through the transparent housing. The Seal is a compact Seal and is easy to use. Thanks in part to its compact dimensions and high breaking strength, the Seal is suitable for sealing catering trolleys in both aviation and international trains. The seal consists of a plastic housing and a steel bracket. The hook is easy to press into the plastic housing.

The back of the seal has a transparent layer. This makes it immediately visible whether the Seal is properly sealed. Fraud on the seal is also immediately visible.

Thanks to the steel hook, this Seal achieves a high breaking strength. This way the Seal cannot be broken by hand. The seal can only be broken with pliers. Thanks to the small size of 25.5 mm by 63.6 mm, the Seal is suitable for various applications.

Choice of material
The Seal is made of two types of materials, namely plastic and steel. The steel bracket gives the seal a high breaking strength, despite its relatively compact size. The plastic housing ensures a solid closure. The transparent plastic also provides extra safety. It is immediately visible whether there has been fraud with the Seal. The front of the Seal has a unique print.

Unique printing
To make the Seal unique, it is provided with a unique print. The printing can consist of a numbering in combination with a name imprint/logo. The combination is made once. This makes every Seal unique and fraud can be prevented. The print is placed via laser printing. This sustainable printing method ensures precise printing. Thanks to the black print and white housing, a high contrast is created. This ensures that the printing is clearly legible for checking in every situation.

Origin of the seal
The PL2 Padlock Seal is designed and made by Acme Seals. Acme Seals has been in the sealing business since 1884. The high-quality Seals are produced in Malaysia and are ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Product details

  • Compact Padlock Seal
  • Equipped with transparent housing
  • Made of plastic and stainless steel
  • Suitable for sealing catering trolleys, among others
  • Equipped with unique print and ascending numbering
  • Total length: 63.6mm x 25.5mm
  • Diameter: 4.1mm (housing)
  • Material: Polyethylene + Steel

Additional information

Dimensions 46 × 26 × 4 mm