How it works

Using Phrase Plate products is easy.
We show you how to use them in this video tutorial.

If you prefer to read, we have also written our text tutorial.
This can be found below.

Step 1: Lay out your products

± 1 Minute

Lay out your products. Make sure you got your:

  • Phrase plates
  • Engraving machine
  • Lock and/or seal
  • Your seed phrase

Step 2: Set up the engraving machine

± 1 Minute

Set up your engraving machine to use the appropriate power to engrave your words deep enough. If you use our engraving machine, we recommend using power level 5.

We recommend to test your machine on a spare piece of metal to get a feeling for how you use the machine. Engraving works best when you hold the machine firmly with a grip like you hold a pencil.

Step 3. Engrave your seed phrase using the engraving machine

± 10 Minutes

The first 4 letters of each word of the  BIP39 wordlist is unique. You can choose to write down the full word, but you don’t need to.

Optional: Engraving cannot be undone. To avoid mistakes we recommend writing your seed phrase on the stainless steel plates with the permanent marker first.

Engrave your seed phrase with an engraving machine. We recommend using an vibrating electric engraving pen, like the one we sell. Battery-operated pens tend to lack power to engrave the Phrase Plates deep enough.

Step 4. Check your engravings

± 1 Minute

Take your time while engraving. Make sure to check your progress after every couple of words to check readability. Also check if your engravings are deep enough.

Step 5. Interlock the plates by sliding on top of eachother

± 1 Minute

After engraving and checking all your words it is time to lock it up. Turn your Phrase Plates Pro Plates facing eachother, upside down and slide them into eachother to interlock the plates. 

Step 6. Place the lock and/or seal

± 1 Minute

Place a padlock and/or seal through the hole in your Phrase Plate. Doing so will secure your seed phrase in the best possible way!

The padlock will keep any intruders outside and can even lock your plates to a stationary object.

The seal will show you when the plates secretly have been opened. Every seal has an unique code. Store your code to be sure that you notice it in case an intruder opens your plates and swaps out the seal for a new one.

Store your plates in a safe location and NOT with your hardware wallet.

Connecting, getting the latest BTC price...


Now what? To the moon! 🚀

No guarantee, but we HODL

Phrase plates can be used for all cryptocurrencies. However, we like to use Bitcoin’s history to give you an idea of what could happen.

The Bitcoin price on the 1st of january 2013 was USD 5.27. Lets compare that to the current price we show you here.

We can’t predict the future, but we can HODL.